Our Process

Prospective clients interested in learning how Homeland Data Destruction’s process works are invited to review the proposed set of steps below. We always accommodate our client’s needs and tailor a plan that works best for them. The list below represents what we have found to be the most effective process for auditable and secure on-site hard drive destruction.

  • 1. Consultation: A Homeland Data Destruction representative assesses your hard drive destruction needs. We determine what level of destruction security is appropriate for your organization.
  • 2. Proposal: A formal written proposal is presented. The proposal details the method of destruction, the destruction process, the number of hard disk drives to be destroyed, and a pricing schedule.
  • 3. Scheduling: We work with your organization to arrange an appointment that fits your schedule.
  • 4. Inventory: Two Homeland Data Destruction trained representatives arrive at the appointed time. Upon arrival they scan and log the serial numbers of each individual hard drive into a report. This report provides the client with a documented audit trail.
  • 5. Destruction:  Our secure destruction specialists destroy your hard disk drives on-site. You are invited to witness the entire destruction process. Your hard drives never leave your premises, thereby eliminating all chain of custody concerns.
  • 6. Documentation: After all hard drives have been destroyed you receive a fully auditable report detailing the serial number of each destroyed hard drive. This certificate of destruction is nationally recognized and suffices for all compliance purposes.



Service Highlights

• National Security Agency Approved
• Department of Defense Compliant
• NIST & NISPOM Compliant
• Full Audit and Documentation Trail
• Classified/Top Secret Data Destruction
• Serving the Washington, DC area