Classified Data Destruction Services Classified Top Secret Data Destruction Service

Homeland Data Destruction exclusively provides classified data destruction services in Washington, DC and the surrounding areas. We specialize in National Security Agency and Department of Defense compliant destruction of all electronic media storage devices for governments, contractors, and businesses throughout the DC Metro area. We only operate NSA approved equipment that results in the absolute destruction of your classified e-media to the strictest DoD and NSA standards. Our data destruction processes meet or exceed all federal goverment regulations for destruction of top secret information.

At Homeland Data Destruction we can destroy any type of electronic media to strict NSA and DoD specifications. This includes destruction of top secret classified data stored on:

– Hard Disk Drives

– Backup Tapes (LTO & DLT)

– CDs & DVDs

– Solid State Drives

– Flash Drives

– Smart Phones

– Floppy Disks

If you need to destroy any type of electronic media to NSA and DoD specifications, we possess the expertise and capabalities to properly execute your destruction project. Give us a call with any questions at 800.692.6803



Service Highlights

• National Security Agency Approved
• Department of Defense Compliant
• NIST & NISPOM Compliant
• Full Audit and Documentation Trail
• Classified/Top Secret Data Destruction
• Serving the Washington, DC area