Nationwide Data Destruction Services

From large scale office and private industry concerns, to government and high-security classified military environments, we’re the first name in hard drive destruction and degaussing. National Security Agency approved and fully Department of Defense compliant, we offer on-site hard drive destruction in all 50 states.

Our secure destruction specialists destroy your hard disk drives on-site where you are invited to witness the entire destruction process. Your hard drives never leave your premises, thereby eliminating all chain of custody concerns.

Further, after all hard drives have been destroyed, all clients receive a fully auditable report detailing the serial number of each destroyed hard drive. This certificate of destruction is nationally recognized and suffices for all compliance purposes.

Interested in learning more? Need to schedule hard drive destruction for a location anywhere in the United States? Call now for immediate assistance and details at 1.800.692.6803.


Service Highlights

• National Security Agency Approved
• Department of Defense Compliant
• NIST & NISPOM Compliant
• Full Audit and Documentation Trail
• Classified/Top Secret Data Destruction
• Serving the Washington, DC area